Christmas time is here! Start the season off right by getting a fresh-cut real Christmas tree! Nothing compares to the natural scent of pine rolling through your home to set the scene. Whether you’re looking for one main tree or many trees to position throughout your home, it is easy to buy your natural Christmas trees online.

How to buy real Christmas trees

When buying a live tree, search for a bright and vibrantly coloured tree. As just-cut trees have a limited life, make sure to purchase a tree that has been recently harvested. When your tree arrives home, make sure it can absorb water by making a fresh cut on the trunk.

How to care for live Christmas trees

Maintaining a vibrant and healthy tree throughout the festive season is easy. Just make sure you keep them hydrated. Some trees need up to 3.5 L of water a day and this all depends on the type and size of the tree.

How to decorate your tree

Adding light to your tree is the first stage to decorating. To get a twinkling look, wrap lights on every main branch, beginning at the bottom of the trunk and working your way up and out to the tip of the branch.

There aren’t any strict rules on decorating with tinsel. The only advice we can give is to start at the top of the tree and gradually increase the amount of tinsel between each wave as you work your way down. Usually, two threads of tinsel are enough for each vertical foot of tree. Experiment with a variety of tinsel from plain to fancy, beaded, ribbon or foil.

Next come the ornaments. First pick out your favorite baubles and place them in prime spots on the tree then arrange large baubles evenly around the tree. Fill in with small and medium ornaments, placing some pieces near the trunk to create interest and depth. Complete the tree with special finishing touches like clip-on ornaments, ribbons or icicles and, of course, a show-stopping tree topper.

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