One of the easiest ways to give your space an instant refresh is with a list of ingenious painting and decorating ideas. All it takes is an afternoon’s worth of your time and effort and a closer look at the latest paint colour trends to add ambience to any room.


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Whether you have just moved into your new home and face the limitless possibilities of white walls or the fact that your once well painted walls have started to look a bit scruffy, plan for your next house painting session to create an inviting atmosphere any time of the day.

Painting Your Walls

Once you have decided on your paint color, you can also select the paint finishes for your walls: from matt to satin to shiny. When planning your wall painting project, it is important to measure your total wall surface. As a rule of thumb about 3.7 liters of paint covers 350 sq. ft. of wall.

You can easily achieve a professional-looking textured wall look, inexpensively by using textured rollers and stencil rollers. ACE stocks a variety of textured rollers you can choose from to decorate any room you’d like.

Painting stripes is another trendy and easy-to-DIY look you can achieve. While horizontal stripes add length to your room, vertical stripes add height to your walls.

Room Painting Ideas

Wall decals are inexpensive and easy to apply. Also, they are less permanent compared to paint and can be reused and repositioned as you like. Wall decals add instant decoration to your walls.

Your home is every bit a reflection of your personality. Painting your walls, wallpapering them or decorating them with decals and paint effects are but just some of that ways in which you can let your walls do the talking.

Start planning you next wall painting and decorating DIY project by checking out the our wide variety of wall paints, brushes, decals and painting materials available to buy online and delivered to you anywhere in the UAE. Apart from our ACE website, you can also visit our numerous ACE stores in Dubai Festival City, Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, or Yas Island, Mina Road, Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi and Bawadi Mall in Al Ain for sales and deals on wall paints and decorations.