• KITCHEN STORAGE Starting from AED 9
  • DINNER SETS & ACCESSORIES Starting from AED 25
  • BAKEWARE Starting from AED 5
  • POTS & PANS Starting from AED 15
The kitchen is the heart of every home. This space should not only warm up your appetite but also give your home a refreshing palate cleanse. Aside from the standard appliances, such as ovens, stoves, microwaves and more, this part of your home needs to be equipped with a basic set of cookware, serveware and accessories.

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Choosing Kitchen Accessories

Whether you are a seasoned home cook who whips up homemade culinary masterpieces on a regular basis or a ramen enthusiast who loves a good microwave, a well-equipped cooking area is essential for every household. Apart from being a place where you prepare nourishing dishes, this is also a space where you can gather your loved ones, entertain friends, share meals and unwind.

In case you are moving into a new house, you can invest in a few basic kitchen items. These include cooking items such as a set of nesting mixing bowls, saucepans, a frying pan, set of knives and food preparation tools to start with. Serveware such as mugs, plates and cutlery are also important.

Keep it Organized

A well-organized space is a joy to work in. At ACE, you will find various storage options to choose from. Kitchen cabinet accessories such as food storage clips, cutlery organizers and more give order to your cabinets. Other kitchen products such as glass storage jars not only look great on your shelf but also keep ingredients correctly stored, making them easy to identify and use accordingly.

Keep it Clean

It is vitally important to keep this space clean as it is where food is prepared and stored. However, this task comes with its own set of challenges. Tiled walls, countertops and stovetops become especially susceptible to grease and food splatters. Take care of these with a slew of multipurpose kitchen cleaners available at ACE UAE. These include degreasing sprays, cooktop cleaners, drain fresheners and more. Metal trash bins with push tops also help keep all the mess out of sight.

Take your pick from our wide range of accessories available for sale at all ACE stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can also browse through our collection of dining sets, bakeware, cookware and more. Buy them online from the comfort of your home and enjoy hassle-free delivery straight to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE.