• What are the charges for delivery if I live in another emirate?
  • For delivery outside city limits, vendor delivery charge will apply. We offer only standard option of delivery in 7 days. Delivery will be made directly by the vendor for the item(s) purchased through the ACE UAE website.
  • What about the other items I order from ACE along with my large domestic appliance, will those be delivered together?
  • Other items ordered from ACE along with non-major domestic appliances will come from a secondary warehouse, thus they may not be delivered together. In either case, you will be contacted to arrange your delivery.
  • How do I make sure the appliance fits my space?
  • Prior to ordering, please check the product specifications on the website and that there is enough space to make sure the appliance fits. Make sure your home has suitable access for the delivery team to make delivery.
  • Can you help dispose off my old appliance(s)?
  • We do not offer a disposal service. Installing service is provided with delivery. As part of the installation service we will disconnect of your old appliance(s). Disconnection is not available for hard-wired dishwashers, cooking or laundry appliances.
  • Do you offer installation of the appliance?
  • Yes, installing service is provided with delivery. However, we won’t be able to complete installation if further electrical or plumbing supplies are needed, or testing shows unsuitability e.g. water supply is isolated or unsuitable, or drainage facilities are unusable. 
    For cookers and hobs, please ensure there is suitable ventilation and the dimensions will allow enough space around the product.
    All new hobs are installed based on the current hole not being any larger than the new size of the hob. Any granite or composite surfaces must be accurate before we get there.
    The pipeline gas connection is done by the DEWA/SEWA team through their authorized personnel. The delivery team is not responsible for connecting these appliances for pipeline gas.
    Upon delivery and installation, our team will connect/install the new appliance (to power/water/waste) and give you a demonstration to ensure that the product works. The team will also remove all packaging and leave your home tidy.
  • What are the instances where your team will not be able to complete installation?
  • In the case of below instances, installation service will not be fulfilled:
    - If the existing fittings are deemed not suitable the installation team is unable to disconnect old appliance.
    - In cases where installing the new appliance puts the installer or you at risk.
    - In case additional carpentry work is required.
    - In case there is no easy access to the current fittings and/or not enough space for the new appliance to be placed.
    - Please check that you don’t need any hot water pipes capped off.
  • Can I pay for my purchased large appliance in installments?
  • Yes, you can benefit from our 0% Easy Payment Plan if you hold a credit card from any of these participating banks: Union National Bank, Emirates Islamic Bank, ADCB, Mashreq, Emirates NBD, Dubai First, Samba and NBAD. For more information, check our 0% Easy Payment Plan page.
  • What is your product warranty policy?
  • We offer a one-year warranty on all major domestic appliances.
  • What after-sales service do you offer?
  • After-sales repair service can be arranged through our ACE Contact Centre at 800 275 223 (800 ASK ACE). If any issues arise during the appliance’s normal functioning and within the first year of purchase, contact the ACE Contact Centre to schedule a repair service.
    In case the appliance is not covered during the 1-year warranty period, separate repair charges will apply.
  • What are the terms & conditions applicable for the 1-year warranty service?
  • Our 1-year warranty only includes repair. The manufacturer warranty is valid for a minimum of one year from the date of purchase.
    Please retain your proof of purchase and warranty card for any claims.
    The primary responsibility for warranty services rests with the principal supplier or manufacturer.
    The warranty becomes invalid if the product has been opened or tampered by unauthorised personnel.
    The warranty is applicable only within the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • What is your return policy for large domestic appliances?
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns on large home appliances unless:
    • The product is defective, in which case an exchange or repair is possible based on the product warranty policy.
    • The product fails to function during inspection after installation by the installation team.
  • What is your order cancellation policy?
  • You can cancel your order if we’ve not already confirmed the date and time of your order delivery. It is possible to cancel your order if:
    • The product does not fit into your premise.
    • A service lift is not available in your location.
    • The product fails to function on arrival.