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Invented by an ingenious Englishman named Tom Smith, Christmas crackers first became a big hit with the British Royal Family, and was later adopted by families everywhere. Tom Smith is still one of the most popular crackers brands in the market, and you will find these beautifully wrapped bon-bons at many festive gatherings all over the world.

What Makes Them Special

Christmas is not the same without a cracker to pull. Though first introduced in 1847, crackers have quickly gained popularity as they add an element of interest and surprise to holiday family gatherings.

A typical cracker looks like an oversized sweet. It consists of a cardboard tube which is wrapped in bright paper and that has a twist at both ends. The central cardboard chamber contains a little surprise – it could be anything from party hats, small toys to jokes. Pulling at the two ends of the cracker will reveal the surprise contained within. Because of the simple nature of their construction, making home-made Christmas crackers is also a popular holiday DIY activity.

These items can be best used for adding finishing touches to your table setting, or even laid under your Christmas tree among your Christmas presents.

Festive Pops for Every Budget

If you have the budget for it, you can go all out with luxury Christmas crackers which can be filled with bespoke trinkets, gourmet goodies, silver-plated table accessories and more. In this case, rather than being a side element to your festivities, these crackers will become somewhat of an attraction.

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