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Christmas candles offer a traditional way of decorating your home for the holidays. With the right kind of candles, you can infuse your Christmas décor with a classic touch, a trendy edge or a personalized flare. Read on for a few pointers on how to decorate with these versatile Christmas items.

Deck Your Halls with Colour

Holiday candles come in a whole assortment of colours so that it’s easy to find one to suit your existing home furnishing or that will help you achieve the Christmas look you have in mind. For a polished look that is in keeping with a luxe décor theme, stick to a single colour such as white or silver. For a contemporary and more vibrant theme, you can try a mix of different colours.

Height Matters

The key to using candles as décor is to vary the height to create more interest. You can arrange the pieces in a stair-step order on a table, shelf or mantelpiece for a simple yet classic display. Or scatter different sizes on a surface to create a striking contrast.

Scented Candles

Ordinary candles can add a whimsical glow to your home space. With scented candles, however, you can also allow a pleasant aroma to waft throughout your home. Some candles come with distinctive fragrances that remind us of Christmas such as pine, berry, vanilla spice and more. You can also opt for the usual citrus or floral scent. Here’s a smart tip: light two or more scented candles on the entryway or by your door to enhance your home’s welcoming atmosphere.

Candle Holders

Whatever kind of candles you use, make sure to place them in an appropriate holder. Tea candles and votives look especially attractive in crystal candle holders that sparkle when light falls on them. For a unique touch, you can also use wine glasses, clear vases or mason jars to hold your candles. To create a glowing centerpiece, arrange candles in individual holders on an ornate tray. Or tie two or three different sized candles together with a glossy ribbon and place them on tabletops or shelves.

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