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A car is one of the biggest investments you will make. While your car can be nondescript in appearance, car accessories can offer possibilities to personalize your car. For those of us who spend a long time in our cars, comfort is key. We want to make sure that our cars run well, smell nice and are comfortable.

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Can Interior Accessories

The inside of your car may as well be your home when you are on the road. At ACE, we have a range of interior car accessories you can choose from.

However, when your vehicle becomes too much of a home, it starts showing signs of being too lived in. This can be evident if your car smells of yesterday’s takeaways or when the backseat starts to resemble a supplementary closet. To keep the insides of your car looking and feeling as good as new, there are a range of car accessories you can choose from - from mats, air fresheners, upholstery cleaners, to child car seats and more.

Car Exterior Accessories

To amp up your car’s performance and looks, you can invest in car exterior accessories. These auto accessories can range from car headlights, special paintwork to more economical accessories like car decals.

Automotive parts and accessories, such as fuel additives, also help boost your car’s performance. Fixtures such as tire radials, valve caps, mud flaps, trailer hitches and blind spot mirrors not only help your car stand out of the crowd, but also improve performance and enhance your comfort.

Different accessories also give your car the right look and feel. They lend your car a personality and help to improve its performance. These car fittings are available at different price points and with a varied range of functions.

Take your pick from our collection of car accessories available for sale at all ACE stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. You can also browse through our categories and buy them online from the comfort of your home, and enjoy hassle-free delivery straight to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE.