It's All in the Air:
Our Air Treatment& Cooling Guide

Healthy living starts at home and one of the essential elements
begins with cool, clean air.

At ACE, we have a variety of air treatment and cooling appliances that offer multiple benefits to suit your individual needs. Read our buying guide to find out how you can create a pleasant environment for your home, and learn more about the features and options you should consider before making a purchase.

Key Air Treatment & Air
Cooling Products


Designed to hydrate your home, humidifiers maintain an optimal level of humidity and temperature and offer benefits like better skin suppleness to a more peaceful sleep.

Air Purifiers

If you are living with pets, are sensitive to dust caused by frequent sandstorms, or suffer from allergies, you will need an air purifier to filter out impurities in the air.

Air Conditioners & Coolers

A step below air conditioners, air coolers are designed to maintain a cooler environment in a smaller space without sending you running for sweaters and scarves.

Fans & Air Multipliers

Available in a variety of styles, fans are the most traditional and cost-effective method of air cooling. Air multipliers or bladeless fans work just like any fan, but without external blades.


Humidifiers are must-haves for most households in the UAE, especially during the summer months. Going against the technology of traditional dehumidifiers that remove moisture from air, humidifiers are designed to hydrate dry air by increasing moisture levels within your home. This helps to create a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Humidifiers are also great for helping infants and toddlers sleep well through the night. Moreover, they treat your skin with moisture making it soft and supple. The added moisture not only reduces dryness and irritability, but also prevents diseases like colds, flu and allergies.

Check out our range that varies from AED 279 for the Joycare JC-490 Ultrasonic Humidifier up to AED 1,999 for the Panasonic EcoNavi Purifier Humidifier

Air Purifiers

Did you know that hay fever affects one-third of the population in the UAE? The most widespread allergies in this region include seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (hay fever) and allergic asthma. Sandstorms that make a frequent visit particularly during summer bring in fine dust particles into homes through cracks in the windows and spaces between balcony rails. This flares up all kinds of allergies for the young and old. Air purifiers help prevent these allergies and let you avoid clinical treatments that are often costly.

The way air purifiers work is through a filter, which traps various types of air pollutants – be it vapours emitted from paints, disinfectants, etc., to airborne particles like mould and pollen. With an increased number of families adopting pets in the UAE, air purifiers become essential as they help get rid of pet dander, making the air hygienic. Additionally, if you live in an open concept plan apartment, air purifiers help remove odours to create an easy breathing space for the whole family.

Take a look at our Air Purifiers range that includes the Goodsphere Bubble System Air Purifier priced at AED 269 to the Panasonic Air Purifier Bundle Pack priced at AED 2,299.

Choosing the Right Filter Technology
Air purifiers use one of these two filter technologies:

1. HEPA filters – Built with tightly woven glass fibre air filters, they remove 99.7% of all airborne particles. These filters are replaceable.

2. FiltreteTM – This patented filter technology is designed to allow more air to pass through a purifier with a higher clean air delivery rate as compared to a HEPA filter. This filter removes airborne particles and allergens.

Take note of these points before you buy an air purifier

Cleaning Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

This rating measures the time an air purifier takes to clean the air. A higher CADR rating means the air will be cleaned quickly.

Room Size

Smaller rooms need smaller air purifiers. We offer different products that suit different room sizes from 8 sq.m. for a nursery to 50 sq.m. for a large living area.

Speed Setting

Air purifiers that come with a higher number of speed settings are designed to offer greater control. They let you customize the level of purification to suit weather conditions.

Filter Life Indicator

It is important to change filters at regular intervals. These indicators remind you when your filter is due for replacement. You can purchase filter replacements on or walk in to any ACE store.

Air Conditioners & Coolers

Air conditioners and air coolers are a necessity when it comes to surviving the summers in this region. Both of these cooling options come with their own set of benefits and challenges. While air coolers are more portable than air conditioners, they are relatively cheaper. Air coolers work by supplying water stored in an internal tank to a filter, which then draws in the hot air to cool it before circulating it back into the room. Air coolers are a great choice for dry areas, as they also humidify the area. Air conditioners, on the other hand, offer precise temperature control and work better when cooling larger areas.

Our range starts from AED 329 for the Midea® 3-Speed Air Cooler w/t Timer up to AED 3,499 for the Aftron W-0036BC 36000BTU Split Air Conditioner Unit.

Take note of these points before you buy an air cooler

Speed Settings

Air coolers with various speed settings allow more control over the functioning of the cooler as well as the level of air temperature.

Tank Size

Large tanks ensure water in the cooler runs for longer. Coolers with smaller tanks require you to keep re-filling the water more often.


Coolers with timers let you decide how long the device should run and when it should switch off. This is especially useful when you want the cooler to automatically go into sleeping mode.

Remote Control

Coolers with remote controls offer easy use by letting you control the speed and timer without having to move from your place.

Fans & Air Multipliers

The simplest and most traditional way of circulating air to maintain a cool and comfortable temperature indoors, fans come in variety of styles and designs to suit your specific needs.

Ideal for the home or office, desk fans are great for reducing temperatures during hot summer months and keeping your work area cool. Fans are also great if you are working for long hours in the kitchen as long as they are placed in a way that won’t disrupt the flames on your stove.


Suitable for larger rooms, pedestal fans are perfect for spring when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Circulating air through a wider area, some models come with variable speed settings and remote controls so you can easily change the speed or oscillation accordingly.

Perfect for small spaces, tower fans fit neatly in a corner and come with contemporary designs that blend well with the interiors. These fans are operationally quieter than traditional fans, so you can use them while sleeping. Air Multiplier fans or bladeless fans are built without external blades, as they're often hidden in the base.

These fans provide a constant and uninterrupted stream of cool air, unlike conventional fans which tend to move in a chopping manner. Along with that, their bladeless design makes them easy to clean. ACE offers a range of Dyson Bladeless Fans that are not only smooth and quiet, but boast a powerful functionality.

We offer a wide variety of different types of fans starting from AED 229 for the Midea® Stand Fan with Remote – 16 in. (Black) to AED 1,999 for the Dyson Air Multiplier Hot & Cold Fan

Care and maintenance for air treatment & cooling products

  • Make sure you regularly check your filters for wear and tear and replace them every 2 - 3 months or when indicated by your device. This will ensure your purifier works at full capacity and offers a constant supply of clean air.
  • The water in purifiers and humidifiers should be changed and refilled regularly. This water is used to purify the air and gathers impurities over time. Unclean water won’t allow the device to function properly.
  • Fans should be dusted and wiped down with a clean cloth on a regular basis. This will prevent dirt stuck on grills and blades from blowing around when the fan is switched on.
  • Air Multiplier fans ease the hassle of cleaning. Thanks to their bladeless design, they are easy to maintain.
  • Check the CADR (clean air delivery rate) as this indicates the efficiency of a purifier.
  • Products should be chosen according to your needs and the room size. Desk fans would be suitable for personal comfort, but tower fans or coolers might be required for a larger area.
  • Choose an appliance with timer settings. This is great for saving electricity as well as energy, and helps you decide the precise time of operation of the device.
  • Appliances with speed settings offer more control and variance, particularly when choosing the different levels of cooling.