Convenient gas or smoky-rich charcoal? Portable trolley or neat kettle? Choose from different grills and barbecues designed for everything – from laidback picnics to outdoor parties

Key things to consider
when buying a barbecue

Read our barbecue buying guide to find out how you
can pick a grill that best suits your needs.


How do I go about choosing a barbecue?

Start by deciding your budget, then narrow it down to different brands and grill sizes to find something that fits your barbecuing style.


What grill size should I be buying?

If you plan on cooking for a family of four, a small grill will suffice. If you’re aiming to host outdoor parties and gatherings, then a medium or large-sized barbecue is the way to go.


Should I get a gas or charcoal barbecue?

Depending on your experience with grilling and your flavor preferences, you can either opt for easy gas barbecues or rustic charcoal ones.


What other features should I look out for?

Features like materials used, lids, hoods and more will help enhance your barbecuing experience, so you can grill safely and more efficiently.


Investing in a Barbecue

We have something to cater to all budgets. Our barbecue options range from AED 7 for a Disposable Instant BBQ Grill to AED 15,999 for a luxury 6 burner gas barbecue


Size of the Party

The cooking area of a barbecue helps you decide how many people you can cook for. Smaller barbecues are great to serve up to 4 people and usually have a cooking area of approximately 1800 Larger barbecues, ideal for parties and events, are built with cooking areas above 2500


Gas or Charcoal

Charcoal Barbecues
Charcoal Barbecues
  • Use heat from charcoal pieces placed below the grill
  • Burning charcoal cooks the meats for a classic bbq taste
  • Bring a rustic outdoorsy touch to your cooking
  • Perfect choice for natural smoked flavors
Gas Barbecues
Gas Barbecues
  • Simple to use and easy to operate
  • Push-button for instant ignition
  • Start grilling in as little as 10 minutes
  • Perfect choice for beginners

Top selling brands


Accessories and more


Chrome plated grills are stylish but require extensive care and thorough cleaning

Stainless Steel grills are durable and easy to clean

Cast iron grills hold heat well, but are prone to rust and need to be wiped with cooking oil before and after use

Porcelain-coated grills do not rust and are easy to clean, but are expensive and found only on top range barbecues

Griddles and Bars

A solid metal griddle plate is useful for foods that could fall through the grill like eggs or small chunks of meat

Barbecues with ‘flavorizer’ bars give a rich, smoky taste to your food, particularly when hot juices and fats drip between the grills.

Lids and Hoods

Lids on kettle barbecues serve as roasting hoods and also act as windbreakers

Closed lids help in trapping heat and smoke to cook food more evenly

Standard or optional hoods are great for roasting meat joints or a whole chicken

Hoods with integrated thermometers help you keep an eye on the temperature of food items being cooked

How Many Barbecue Burners do I Need?

Gas barbecues use burners as a central source of heat for cooking food. Smaller barbecues have one or two burners (sufficient for a family of up to 4 people). Larger barbecues range up to 6 burner models where multiple burners make it possible to cook foods at different temperatures. These are ideal if you're cooking a variety of items and catering for parties and big groups.

Barbecue models with three or more burners are ideal for roasting. With these, you can simply turn off the middle burner after a while to make sure your meats don’t burn before they are cooked through.

Barbecuing Accessories

Warming Rack

A warming rack is particularly essential if you are grilling different types of meats or food items. Since every item takes a different amount of time to cook, a warming rack sits above the main grill and acts like a smaller second grill. While the slow cooking items catch up, you can place cooked food on the warming rack to keep it hot without burning it or letting it turn cold.

Chimney Starter

For charcoal sets, a chimney starter comes as a highly recommended accessory. Fill the chimney with the required charcoal and light it quickly and safely to create and maintain an optimal burning temperature for cooking

Temperature Indicator

The temperature indicator is another essential device that is fitted to the hood of the barbecue. It is useful for checking cooking temperatures while the lid is closed. This indicator also helps in pre-heating the barbecue by telling you when it has reached its ideal cooking temperature. Some temperature indicators are removable and come with a probe that can be pierced into food items to ensure that food is cooked thoroughly.

Advice & Tips for Barbecuing

Tips for the chef

Be prepared:

To marinate the meats

Keep all barbecue accessories – charcoal, gas, forks, tongs, lighter fluid, etc., at hand

Chilled meats should be thawed well in advance so they’re at room temperature when it’s time to fire up the grill

Food pieces should be spaced well on a skewer. Packing them too tight will result in undercooked pieces

Firing up the bbq:

The barbecue should be fired up at least 30 minutes before you start grilling

Pile up charcoal pieces in a pyramid structure under the grill and add lighter fluid to ignite them quickly

Look out for a grey ash coating and glowing red color, this indicates the charcoal is ready for cooking

Spread the charcoal around the base so it cooks your food evenly

Cooking the food:

Turn the pieces several times to make sure they are thoroughly cooked before serving

Chicken takes longer to cook but needs lesser heat than beef or steak

Sugar marinades should be brushed on food pieces during the later stages of cooking to avoid the caramelizing from burning or forming sticky residues

Food cooks better and evenly when placed over glowing charcoal than over a roaring flame

Keep a water spray handy to douse any coals that flare up

Care & Cleaning

For charcoal barbecues:

Once the charcoal has cooled down, remove the grill and scrub off residue with a good barbecue brush.

Different materials require different brushes. The most common type is a wire brush

Following the scrubbing, wash it with a soapy scouring pad and leave it to dry.

Remove cold ashes from the grate and use the brush to clean it thoroughly.

Clean your barbecue regularly with an oven cleaner that is designed to get rid of accumulated grease and dirt.

Once you’re finished cleaning, thoroughly rinse once more and dry with a soft rag.


For gas barbecues:

The rack, lid, drip tray and burners of a gas barbecue must always be cleaned after use

If your barbecue comes with flavorizer bars, simply turn on the gas and heat them. This makes it easy and quick to clean the bars

Before storing, wash the outside of your barbecue with soapy water, rinse and then dry thoroughly

Invest in barbecue covers, which are often tailored exclusively for various models. These are great for protecting your barbecue from damage, particularly when it is stored outdoors


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