Zolux Crunchy Cake Acticolor Biscuits for Birds (6 pcs)

Zolux Crunchy Cake Acticolor Biscuits for Birds (6 pcs)
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Product Overview

  • Zolux Crunchy Cake Acticolor Biscuits is a tasty biscuits for birds, ideal for pecking, a tasty way to clean beaks contains natural additives (honey, apple, banana) and with no artificial flavors or coloring
  • A hassle free way to feed our chirping friends in your garden or bird table, simply remove the plastic packaging and place the Zolux Crunchy Cake Acticolor Biscuits on the bird table and watch the birds come to feed
  • These biscuits are made from 100% natural ingredients with no any preservatives or nasties ensure birds are safe and healthy
  • Will not melt during the hot summer months, easy to handle and less messy, provides birds with a complementary source of food when natural resources are depleted
  • These honey, apple, banana flavoured biscuits will attract a variety of birds, and its suitable for wild birds of all sizes
  • Ingredients include: Egg, sugar, wheat flour, dehydrated fruit (2% powder), corn flour, honey, ammonium carbonate
  • Nutritional composition: Crude Protein: 9.01%, Fat: 4.7%, Crude ash: 1.4%, Cellulose: 0.8%, Humidity: 8.4%

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Zolux Crunchy Cake Acticolor Biscuits for Birds, 6 pcs