Tzong CO2 Indicator

Tzong CO2 Indicator
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Product Overview

  • The easy-to-use Tzong CO2 Indicator helps you maintain an environment that is beneficial for aquarium plants
  • The indicator is composed of a transparent acrylic disc that is filled with a CO2 Indicator Solution (included in the package)
  • The disc is submerged into the water, while the solution inside the indicator absorbs the outgas of CO2
  • The solution will change color depending on the CO2 concentration in the water - green means sufficient CO2, yellow green signifies an overdose of CO2, and blue shows insufficient CO2
  • The disc's acrylic construction allows accurate reading, while the special structure design ensures that no solution seeps into the aquarium

What's in the box?

  • 1 Tzong CO2 Indicator