Trill Parrot Seed

Trill Parrot Seed
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Product Overview

  • Trill Parrot Seed contains a delicious mix of quality seeds, fruit and nuts, this will help your parrot stay happy and healthy
  • It provides balanced nutrition for parrots and includes a mix of Safflower Seeds for extra energy, Maize for valuable carbohydrates
  • It has gray striped sunflower seeds for essential fatty acids, which are important for maintaining shiny feathers and good eyesight
  • This supplement has a delicious mix of currents for energy & peanuts which are rich in vitamin E an important antioxidant for maintaining healthy blood circulation
  • It contains Shell Grit, which provides Calcium, essential for the development of strong bones and healthy muscles
  • It also includes NUTRIVIT which is special mix of vitamins A, D and E aids in keeping your bird happy and healthy

What's in the box?

  • 1 Pack of Parrot Seed