Tonkita Eco Professional Indoor & Outdoor Broom Head

Tonkita Eco Professional Indoor & Outdoor Broom Head
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Product Overview

  • Tonkita Eco Professional Indoor Broom head has synthetic bristles that give a soft sweeping action and are suitable for use in dry conditions making the broom perfect for indoor sweeping in kitchens or cleaning of large smooth dry areas such as hallway, patios, driveways and walk path floors
  • Featuring a plastic stock with soft synthetic bristles, the broom head is also fitted with a plastic threaded connector for easy fixing to a Tonkita Eco Professional Metal handle
  • The broom head is easy to connect to the handle, just screw the handle’s threaded end to the broom head’s stock, twist hard ensure tight placement for uninterrupted cleaning
  • This broom head is the ideal soft push broom to sweep up indoor and outdoor areas of your home and its perfectly angled to give the best sweeping action
  • You can use this also without the handle to clean those tight and hard angled areas of your home, the materials used in this particular product is certified recycled and recyclable materials

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Tonkita Eco Professional Indoor & Outdoor Broom Head