Suki Pan-Head Chipboard Screws (5 × 50 mm)

Suki Pan-Head Chipboard Screws (5 × 50 mm)
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Product Overview

  • These ‘basic’ design Suki Pan-Head Chipboard Screws feature a round pan head and have a countersunk Pozidriv recess
  • They are designed specifically to use for particle boards, MDF and timber
  • These are self-tapping screws, thus do not require any holes to be bored first
  • Made of steel, these screws have a zinc passivation coating which increases the screw’s corrosion resistance properties
  • No pilot hole required
  • Ideal to use for carpentry, flooring and wood works.
  • Zinc coated for extra corrosion resistance

What's in the box?

  • 1 Pan-Head Chipboard Screws at 50 x 5 mm


  • Screw Drive Type
  • Screw Head
    Pan Head
  • diameter
    5 mm