Suki Grub Screws (M6 × 10 mm, Pack of 6)

Suki Grub Screws (M6 × 10 mm, Pack of 6)
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Product Overview

  • Suki Grub Screws, also known as Suki Grub Screws have a recessed hexagonal drive port and a cone point
  • Since these screws are headless, they are ideal fasteners to use for security purposes, as they cannot be easily unscrewed
  • These screws can be driven in manually by an Allen wench or mechanically
  • When screwed in, the entire length of a grub screw is encased in the material that it is fastening, which makes it more corrosion-resistant compared to traditional screws
  • It also allows for the screw to be tightened with more torque as the surrounding material reinforces its head in the process
  • The M value is indicates the pitch of the screw thread

What's in the box?

  • 6 Steel Grub Screws at 10 mm