Suki 1800286 Dead Blow Hammer (50 mm)

Suki 1800286 Dead Blow Hammer (50 mm)
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Product Overview

  • 1800286 Dead Blow Hammer is a specialized mallet which is made from high-quality rubberized plastic
  • The head of the hammer is filled with sand, which helps the hammer to distribute the energy of the strike
  • Furthermore, the handle of this dead blow hammer assures a steady grip and also reduces swing fatigue, sting and vibration
  • Moreover, this handy hammer helps you to control the striking force with minimal rebound from the striking surface
  • Its lightweight build and firm grip also makes it convenient to use for performing various tough tasks

What's in the box?

  • 1 Dead Blow Hammer at 50 mm


  • No. of Pieces
  • Handle Material
  • diameter
    50 mm