Stoner Electro Contact Cleaner (354.9 ml)

Stoner Electro Contact Cleaner (354.9 ml)
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Product Overview

  • With the Electro Contact Cleaner, you can remove grime and gunk from high-precision equipment and electronic items effectively and efficiently
  • Simply spray the solution on the deposited grime and let it do all the hard work
  • Has a low-odor formula and a deep penetration action
  • Evaporates quickly and doesn't leave any residue
  • Non-flammable, which makes it safe to use on all precision tools
  • Can be used to clean delicate electronic items and fine components
  • Safe for use on most surfaces, and you can use this product to remove gunk, grime, oil deposits, and other contaminants in hard-to-access areas
  • Non-flammable and fast evaporation for safe use
  • Doesn’t contain harmful HCFC or chlorinated solvents
  • Suitable for use on electronic items & other fine parts
  • Comes in a spray bottle that allows precise application

What's in the box?

  • 1 Electro Contact Cleaner at 354.9 ml


  • Application Method
    Spray nozzle
  • Volume
    354.9 ml