Stanley FatMax Jab Saw

Stanley FatMax Jab Saw
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Product Overview

  • The Stanley FatMax jab saw has a sharpened tip that punches through drywall or other similar materials with ease, designed for drywall, wood, and plastic work, this versatile saw has a slip-resistant handle that's created for strength and durability, plus precision grip that gives you excellent control
  • Features the SharpTooth technology that cuts on push and pull strokes and is up to 50% faster than traditional tooth designs with sharpened tip that punches through drywall with ease
  • With very aggressive triple bevel teeth for a faster cleaner cut and a large smooth end pad to facilitate pushing and twisting blade through plasterboard
  • Has a comfortable, slip-resistant, bi-material handle designed for strength and durability, eliminates the stress on arms and hands while cutting hard and thick projects

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Stanley FatMax Jab Saw