Small Seagrass Square Shaped Pot (45.7 × 29.2 × 29.2 cm)
Small Seagrass Square Shaped Pot (45.7 × 29.2 × 29.2 cm)
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Product Overview

  • Living Space Small Seagrass Square Shaped Pot offers a unique way to accentuate the look of your potted plants
  • Amazing cover with natural seagrass acts as a great pot plant cover inside your house
  • Simplistic square design along with the natural seagrass material matches any traditional and modern décor
  • Comes with a black, plastic liner bin to place your plant in
  • Lightweight, eco-friendly, breakage-free, and offers easy drainage for plants. This durable pot can be even used to tidy your home by storing things inside it
  • Keep it in the bathroom, utility room, children’s room or bedroom to stow multiple items. Its elegant design and classy finish will add a touch of class anywhere it is placed
  • Natural finish in Seagrass Square Shaped Pot enhances its surrounding and its color complements well with all types of décor
  • Use of seagrass makes it a biodegradable and renewable
  • Plus using seagrass helps in cleaning the air by converting CO2 in the air into oxygen
  • Use this square shaped durable, non-porous and smooth pot as a pot plant cover to bring out the best of your plantation
  • Accentuates and hides the mess of soil and water that exists in the pot while revealing a beautiful plant
  • Alternatively use it in the bathroom to store toiletries or toilet paper, in the kitchen as a display piece, stock laundry and towels and even keep kids toys inside

What's in the box?

  • 1 Small Seagrass Square Shaped Pot at 45.7 × 29.2 × 29.2 cm