Panasonic F-VXL40M Air Purifier (White/Silver)
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Panasonic F-VXL40M Air Purifier (White/Silver)
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Product Overview

  • Panasonic F-VXL40M Air Purifier offers protection to your family with nanoe technology
  • Reduces 99.99% viruses and bacteria and 90% odor and tobacco smell within 30 minutes
  • Giving your skin a supple look, the nanoe technology attaches on the sebum and forms membranes on the skin restoring moisture and improving keratin texture
  • Fine and weak acidic particle, nanoe comes with an electric substance and an electric charge
  • Removes hydrogen from viruses, bacteria, odors and allergens
  • Dirt sensor is equipped to detect PM2.5 particles in the air which automatically lights up the PM2.5 indicator while the fan speed adjusts to remove the particles at most efficiency
  • Air purifier is built with the 2-in-1 HEPA composite and deodorizing filter which is created by combining a dust collection filter and deodorizing filter
  • Humidification function provides you with the most comfortable humidity condition
  • Clothes refresh mode quickly removes odor from laundry
  • House dust catcher offers 30cm powerful suction near the floor
  • Silent auto mode, the air purifier detects indoor brightness with its light sensor and automatically controls air volume and the brightness of indicators brightness
  • Air purifier covers a floor area of 29.79 square meter during air cleaning operation, 28.16 square meter during humidified air cleaning operation and 16.55 square meter during evaporative humidification

What's in the box?

  • 1 F-VXL40M Air Purifier


  • Filter type
    HEPA filter
  • Coverage Area
    29.79 sq. m., 28.16 sq. m., 16.55 sq. m.