OralB D 36.545.5HX Electric Toothbrush (White)

OralB D 36.545.5HX Electric Toothbrush (White)
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Product Overview

  • Oral B D 36.545.5HX Electric Toothbrush is a versatile electric device which is not only beneficial for all kinds of oral issues but is also a necessity for proper oral hygiene.
  • The innovative pressure sensor prevents the use of excessive pressure while brushing, which may be harmful to the teeth.
  • Interchangeable heads that suit different dental-care needs
  • Different brushing modes allow you to apply pressure according to your needs
  • Innovative pressure sensor, with LCD screen, monitors your dental care routine and helps you to avoid applying excessive pressure that might cause damage to the teeth
  • Includes a sensitive mode and an extra soft bristle head that is ideal for hyper sensitive teeth
  • Tooth whitening mode, for gentle polishing

What's in the box?

  • 1 D 36.545.5HX Electric Toothbrush