NutriBullet Baby Bullet Blender Set (22 Pc.)
NutriBullet Baby Bullet Blender Set (22 Pc.)
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Product Overview

  • With NutriBullet Baby Bullet Blender Set, you can make and store fresh, healthy, delicious foods that are perfect for every stage of development
  • Comes with the refrigerator-friendly Date-Dial Storage Cups that allow you to keep track of your freshly made baby food
  • With the Tip Proof Tray, each Date-Dial cup is easily stored and organized so you always have access to freshly made baby food
  • Can also make a surplus of food which can be stored in the flexible Easy Pop Batch Trays
  • Quickly puree and store fresh, healthful baby food for your little one with the NutriBullet Baby
  • Make fresh, delicious food with wholesome ingredients. You control exactly what goes in - no hidden stabilizers, preservatives, or flavor enhancers necessary.
  • Prepare, store, and freeze food so it's ready whenever you and your little one are. The batch cups are perfectly portioned & designed for grab-and-go convenience.
  • Less mess, less stress. All components are dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.
  • The blades and cups are designed to break down foods so you can get thee most out of what you put in.
  • You can make baby food that is perfect for every stage of development: Stage 1: Purees for early eaters Stage 2: Textures for 9 to 18 months Stage 3: Mini-meals for toddlers


  • Voltage
    220 – 240V, 50Hz
  • Sanding Plate Length
  • Power
    200 Watt
  • Dimensions
    31.5 x 29.0 x 48.0 cm