Nitrate and Phosphate Rescuer (500 ml)
Nitrate and Phosphate Rescuer (500 ml)
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Product Overview

  • Red Sea Nitrate and Phosphate Rescuer (NO3: PO4-X) is your solution for nitrate, phosphate and algae management in aquariums
  • This formula helps prevent nuisance algae and enables control of zooxanthellae, for optimum coral growth and coloration
  • Red Sea NO3: PO4-X is a unique complex of carbons that are used by nutrient reducing bacteria. Each carbon in the complex is utilized by different strains of micro-organisms while ensuring the specific Carbon-Nitrogen-Phosphorus ratio, required for each stage
  • Other organic-bonded elements that are important stimulators in each stage of the reduction process are included. These metal and non-metal elements ensure steady bacterial propagation, complete nitrate reduction to nitrogen gas as well as the absorption and utilization of phosphate by the bacteria

What's in the box?

  • 1 Nitrate and Phosphate Rescuer at 500 ml