Nifty Flat Twine (50 cm × 6.1 m)

Nifty Flat Twine (50 cm × 6.1 m)
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Product Overview

  • Flat Twine replaces traditional twine and tape and does tying jobs even more effectively
  • This flat twine wraps around items more tightly than twine and eliminates the need for knots
  • With a non-stick feature, the flat twine does not stick onto items so that unwrapping it is easy
  • Inner walls are smooth ensuring that clothes don't snag
  • Holed design that makes contents visible, and allows air to breeze through
  • Made for heavy-duty plastic to durability
  • Moulded handles and a contoured side for comfortable lifting against the hip

What's in the box?

  • 1 Flat Twine of 50 cm × 6.1 m