Michelin 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump (10 × 18 × 30 cm, Black)

Michelin 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump (10 × 18 × 30 cm, Black)
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Product Overview

  • The 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump is a useful double barrel foot pump with a sturdy construction
  • It can be used for inflating tires of vehicles like cars, bikes and cycles and other small things like sport balls and toys
  • It weighs just 2.4 kg and is compact enough to fit into most of the spare tire wells or even under the seat
  • It has a push button which can be used to set the desired unit for measuring pressure - PSI, BAR and kPa
  • The foot pump comes with adaptors for connecting high pressure tires, sports equipment and small toys
  • They are stored in the snap-in storage under the display unit
  • It also has a 67 cm high pressure air hose with tire valve connector
  • The pump has a clear white LCD digital display which shows the pressure reading and displays a warning when the batteries need replacement
  • It is designed with ergonomic rubber tread plates and locking lever which ensure that the user gets sufficient grip and stability while operating

What's in the box?

  • 1 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump at 10 × 18 × 30 cm