Lynwood Tiger-Striped Mini Roller Set (10.16 cm)

Lynwood Tiger-Striped Mini Roller Set (10.16 cm)
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Product Overview

  • Ideal for water based paints that leaves a smooth finish
  • Features a sturdy handle that makes it convenient to hold & use
  • Comes with a durable, washable plastic paint tray
  • Great for painting smaller areas, such as feature walls or panels
  • Exceptional ability to get the job done quickly with a superior finish
  • Designed to hold more paint to save time in painting job

What's in the box?

  • 1 Lynwood Tiger-Striped Mini Roller at 10.16 cm
  • 1 Plastic Tray


  • Application Method
  • Surface Finish
  • Suitable For
    For water based paints