Lucaris Desire Glass Beverage Set (485 ml, 6 pcs)

Lucaris Desire Glass Beverage Set (485 ml, 6 pcs)
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Product Overview

  • Lucaris glasses are made from real crystal and the glass contains added magnesium that gives it a special glow and clarity and strengthened with titanium, giving them an exceptional durability
  • Lucaris Desire Beverage Glass features oversized bowl design that helps increase the surface area of beverage and encourages its aromas to be released while swirling
  • These large glasses can also increase the pleasure derived from drinking beverages which may in turn increase the desire to drink more
  • The classic elegant design of these Desire Rich White glasses comes with a thin rim to perfectly uplift the drinking experience
  • This premium and high-quality glassware are ideal for all types of bars, restaurants, hotels and home use with exceptional clarity, focusing on creative design, durability, practical and effortlessly stylish
  • 100% dishwasher safe, does not scratch easily, be sure to handle this glassware cautiously while cleaning to avoid slips and breakage

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Lucaris Desire Glass Beverage Set at 485 ml, 6 pcs


  • Dimensions
    21.9 cm