Lock & Lock Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (32 × 3 2cm, Blue)

Lock & Lock Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (32 × 3 2cm, Blue)
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Product Overview

  • Lock & Lock Microfiber Floor Cloth makes your cleaning worries a thing of the past
  • Its ultra-fine absorbent microfibers pick up even stubborn dirt easily
  • It is lightweight and extremely easy to dry and reuse
  • The fibres are more advanced than those in regular cotton cloths and can eliminate both moist and dry dirt effortlessly
  • There is no necessity to scrub hard, ensuring that the surfaces get cleaned without leaving scratches
  • It is affordable and doesn’t require costly cleaning liquids, working excellently with water
  • It is suitable for all surfaces and is also washing machine friendly

What's in the box?

  • 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 32 × 32 cm