Living Space Solar Pendant Lamp with 5 Candles
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Living Space Solar Pendant Lamp with 5 Candles
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Product Overview

  • Solar Pendant Lamp with 5 Candles is an amazing light fixture that suspends from above to light up your outdoors
  • The solid lamp hangs easily on fixtures and even from tree barks to create a finely lit exterior
  • It utilizes the power of solar energy to light
  • The solar panel captures energy during the day and turns on at dusk to start illuminating your garden and yard
  • Its decorative candle design illuminates brightly and provides a new vigor and aura to the environment
  • Designed to brighten up parties and festivals, this durable lamp is weatherproof for use round the year
  • This Solar Pendant Lamp can be used by simply hanging and suspending it via a hook, fixture or even from trees
  • An entire tree line can be rigged with multiple lamps too to decorate it in a magnificent way
  • The body of the lamp is made from durable material and is weatherproof to facilitate use in any season
  • You don’t need the hassle of extending power lines to light up the Solar Pendant Lamp
  • It comes with a solar panel that charges up during the day and provides ample energy to the lights to stay bright the entire night
  • You can even use it indoors if there is enough sunlight entering the space; It also makes installing the lamp easy

What's in the box?

  • 1 Solar Pendant Lamp with 5 Candles


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