Living Space Potting Soil Planting Mix (10 kg)
Living Space Potting Soil Planting Mix (10 kg)
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Product Overview

  • The potting soil planting mix no. 1 from Living Space is ideal for indoor and outdoor potted plants alike
  • To use, you need to fill the pot evenly with the planting mix and place the plant carefully in the pot
  • The remaining spaces should then be filled with the potting mix again and pressed gently to settle in place
  • The soil should be irrigated well after planting and kept uniformly moist during plant growth
  • Plus, it should also be irrigated and re-fertilized according to the growth and nutrient requirements of the plant
  • You must also ensure to avoid over-watering and provide sufficient drainage in the pot

What's in the box?

  • Potting Soil Planting Mix at 10 kg