Little Giant M22 Type IA Xtreme Step Ladder (Silver)
Little Giant M22 Type IA Xtreme Step Ladder (Silver)
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Product Overview

  • Little Giant M22 Type IA Xtreme Step Ladder is the strongest, safest, most versatile ladder in the world
  • Combines the strength, safety and versatility of the classic Ladder with several new groundbreaking features, including the Comfort Step, AirDeck workstation, user-friendly Rock Locks, and the stronger, safer Quad-Lock hinges
  • Model M22 extends from 3.3 m to 5.7 m
  • Quad-Lock Hinges are Palm pressure hinges with 4-lock pins for easy setup and rock solid stability
  • With 50% Wider Rungs, this means more stability and comfort when working on your ladder
  • Comfort Step is an integrated standing platform which gives added comfort and stability
  • Rock Locks feature helps you adjust the height of your ladder with a simple click and lock
  • Each side of the Xtreme telescopes independently, giving you the option of several sizes of stepladders, from 1.5 to 2.7 m
  • Can also adjust one side to work on staircases or uneven surfaces or as a 90° stepladder
  • The inner and outer ladder assemblies separate to form two trestles for a time-saving scaffolding system
  • Finest multi-use ladder system in the world

What's in the box?

  • 1 M22 Type IA Xtreme Step Ladder