Lifoam Styrofoam Ice Chest (White)

Lifoam Styrofoam Ice Chest (White)
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Product Overview

  • Keeping your drinks cool during outdoor escapades is now easier thanks to Lifoam Styrofoam Ice Chest
  • All your outdoor activities need cold drinks or even water and you can keep them chilled in the ice chest
  • Constructed with sturdy Styrofoam, the ice chest can handle bumps and bangs even when you take it out on a road trip
  • It is easy to carry around and can hold beverages and ice
  • The lid closes shut tightly without letting the cold air out of the box to keep the beverages chilled for hours
  • It has the capacity to hold 11.4 L of liquid

What's in the box?

  • 1 styrofoam ice chest