Homeworks DT7102 3000 W Leaf Blower (120 cm, 45 L)

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Homeworks DT7102 3000 W Leaf Blower (120 cm, 45 L)
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Product Overview

  • You no longer have to tediously bend, stoop and sweep to clean dead leaves off from your garden, thanks to this DT7102 Leaf Blower
  • With a powerful 3000-watt motor, this leaf blower easily blows leaves from under your trees, bushes and off your gravel driveway
  • This blower can convert to a vacuum at the flick of a switch
  • It will suck leaves up to give your garden that well-cared-for look
  • The leaves go through a 14,000 rpm shredding blade to reduce them by 90% of their original volume (for compost heaps), before they are collected in the huge 45-liter collection bag
  • Comes with soft control trigger
  • Front wheels for extra stability
  • Made from tough but lightweight, virgin PP material
  • Super-fast bag removal

What's in the box?

  • 1 DT7102 3000 W Leaf Blower at 120 cm


  • Power
    3000 w
  • Volume
    45 L
  • Capacity