Gardena Soaker Hose (15 m, Black)

Gardena Soaker Hose (15 m, Black)
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Product Overview

  • Gardena Soaker Hose is particularly well suited for targeted, water-saving irrigation of plant rows
  • Due to the fact it fulfils its function even with low pressure
  • Ready-to-connect with all Original Gardena System Fittings and with a valve for adjusting flow rate and pressure
  • Has a length of 15 meters
  • Can be shortened or extended through simple connecting up to maximum 30 meters
  • Can also obtain the Soaker Hose in your desired length because it is available by the metre
  • For water-sparing irrigation of plant rows

What's in the box?

  • 1 Soaker Hose at 15 m


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