Gardena 3728-20 Combisystem Wooden Handle (180 cm)

Gardena 3728-20 Combisystem Wooden Handle (180 cm)
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Product Overview

  • Gardena 3728-20 Combisystem Wooden Handle is perfect for extending the length of all combisystem tools
  • Certified by FSC, the handle is made from top-quality resilient ashwood that guarantees low levels of vibration
  • Non-slip handle features an anodized aluminum tube with a plastic coating to establish a sturdy connection and guarantee a safe, anti-slip hold on the combisystem tools
  • Highlighting the design of the handle is the captive fastening screw with soft plastic components for securing the tools
  • Can use the longer handle for greater control over pulling and pushing operations, and get back to the shorter handle for hoeing movements

What's in the box?

  • 1 3728-20 Combisystem Wooden Handle at 180 cm


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