Gardena 300P Combisystem Gardeners Saw (315 mm)

Gardena 300P Combisystem Gardeners Saw (315 mm)
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Product Overview

  • The 300P Combisystem Gardeners Saw is a curved hand saw with a blade that measures to a length of 340 mm
  • This practical and flexible saw can be used for general saw uses such as cutting branches and garden hoses
  • With its comfortable ergonomic handle which is crafted from soft plastic components, it sits well in the hand minimizing strain on the wrist
  • The flexibly of this combisystem means cutting 5 meter high branches are now a simple job, by simply extending the telescopic combisystem handle
  • The safety lock guarantees that the connection remains secure, as well as the precision toothing, hardened tooth tips and triple grinding which guarantees a safe pulling cut
  • Due to a special coating the blade is protected against rust in addition to a stop function at the end of the handle prevents slipping during pulling movements
  • This combination saw has an easy and safe method to remove branches, by simply using the hook for removing cut-off branches at the tip of the curved saw blade
  • This saw can be hung up on the integrated eyelet, and the saw blade can be protected using the blade cover
  • This ensures that the CS Gardeners Saw is always stored safely

What's in the box?

  • 1 300P Combisystem Gardeners Saw at 315 mm


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