Gardena 150BL Pruning Lopper (15 cm)

Gardena 150BL Pruning Lopper (15 cm)
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Product Overview

  • Gardena 150BL Pruning Lopper helps you prune twigs and small branches from your plants
  • Comfort Pruning Lopper 150 BL is ultra-light, easy-to-use, powerful and ideal for cutting green wood
  • Thanks to the new, patented gear transmission, the lopper has 38% more cutting power
  • Precision-ground blades are non-stick coated, while the optimized cutting geometry allows for an easy and clean cut
  • Extra-light, ergonomically shaped plastic handles and grips allow comfortable, tire-free work, while the double end stops are gentle on the wrists

What's in the box?

  • 1 150BL Pruning Lopper at 15 cm


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