Fischer Firestop Foam (750 ml)

Fischer Firestop Foam (750 ml)
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Product Overview

  • Firestop Foam from Fischer is a single component, self-expanding polyurethane filler foam designed to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and offer effective fire resistance
  • Providing a high foam yield, it has excellent adhesion properties, high bond strength, and can adhere to most building materials
  • Once the foam sets, it cures to a semi-rigid structure which accommodates low movement and vibration
  • It does not shrink or expand after setting
  • This CFC free propellant also features acoustic and thermal resistance which makes it an effective seal against smoke
  • It can be rendered, cut, painted or sanded
  • This foam has been tested to the DIN 4102, BS 476 and EN1366-4 and helps to maintain the sound reduction index of a structure
  • The Firestop foam is suitable for use in concrete, masonry, as well as steel and timber as backing material
  • Some of its applications include construction joints in walls and floors, insulating and sealing doors and windows, backfilling material for service penetrations and filling general voids and cavities

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