DAP Plaster of Paris Dry Mix (1.8 kg)

DAP Plaster of Paris Dry Mix (1.8 kg)
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Product Overview

  • This Plaster of Paris Dry Mix is ideal for doing repairs on plaster, for hobby molds and casts
  • It consists of a quick-setting, fine, white powder that turns into a hard medium when moistened and then allowed to dry
  • When used for repairing, it provides an even surface that can be easily painted on
  • The Plaster of Paris sets fast (in 20- 30 minutes) and does not shrink
  • It dries into a smooth and bubble-free texture that provides an even texture which can be painted with any oil- or latex-based paint

What's in the box?

  • 1 Plaster of Paris Dry Mix at 1.8 kg


  • Drying time
    20 - 30 minutes