DAP 3.0 All-Purpose Caulk Sealant (266 ml)

DAP 3.0 All-Purpose Caulk Sealant (266 ml)
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Product Overview

  • DAP 3.0 All-Purpose Caulk Sealant is perfect for sealing metal surfaces such as windows, door frames, corner joints, pipes, ducts, and vents
  • It is completely water-proof and can be applied in just 30 minutes
  • Moreover, it is also boasts of low VOC content and low odor
  • The sealant works over a wide temperature range, and can be used in between 20° to 120° Fahrenheit
  • The product does not shrink or crack on drying, and can be applied on materials such as wood, metal, glass, vinyl, concrete, masonry, stone, and painted surfaces

What's in the box?

  • 1 All-Purpose Caulk Sealant at 266 ml


  • Volume
    266 ml