Bushranger High Temperature X-Jack Hose (4.4 m)

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Bushranger High Temperature X-Jack Hose (4.4 m)
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Product Overview

  • This High Temperature X-Jack Hose is specially designed to be compatible with late model turbo diesel and high performance petrol engine motors that emit high temperature exhaust vapors in excess of 140° C
  • The heat resistant hose is made from a special synthetic rubber inner core that is designed to withstand the high temperatures
  • The durable synthetic rubber material is also designed to resist wear from gases, oxidation and ozone vapors emitted from the exhaust, ensuring it is both long lasting and built for purpose
  • The hose is 4.4 m in length and can also be used with an extension hose to provide extra length
  • This purpose designed hose is an essential for any high performance and older turbo diesel motors requiring a replacement hose

What's in the box?

  • 1 High Temperature X-Jack Hose of 4.4 m