Bosch HSS-G Metal Drill Bit (3.5 × 39 × 70 mm)

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Bosch HSS-G Metal Drill Bit (3.5 × 39 × 70 mm)
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Product Overview

  • The HSS-G Metal Drill Bit is  suitable for alloyed and non-alloyed steel (with a tensile strength of up to 900 N/mm²), cast steel, cast iron, sintered iron, malleable cast iron, non-ferrous metals, and hard plastics
  • The precision-ground drill bit enables up to 40% faster drilling rate and up to 50% lower feed pressure than standard-ground HSS drill bits with a chisel edge
  • The bit comes with a self-centeringsplit point drill tip, doing away with the need to pre-punch or pilot drill up to 10 mm diameter

What's in the box?

  • 1 HSS-G Metal Drill Bit at 3.5 × 39 × 70 mm


  • Compatibility
    Most Drills
  • diameter
    3.5 mm