Bosch G80 Sanding Sheets (125 mm, Pack of 5)

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Bosch G80 Sanding Sheets (125 mm, Pack of 5)
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Product Overview

  • The G80 Sanding Sheets are ideal for wood
  • You can select the sanding sheet based on your requirement and usages
  • It is classified based on usage sanding sheets are classified into extra fine (320) for primer, sealer and between coats sanding, very fine (220) for very fine sanding of bare surfaces, primer and sealer sanding, Fine (180/150) for finish sanding and cleaning of bare surfaces, Medium (120/100) for light removal and smoothing of bare surfaces, Coarse (80/60) for moderate removal and leveling of surface imperfections, Coarse (40) for heavy removal, stripping and dimensioning
  • Velcro 8 hole

What's in the box?

  • 5 G80 Sanding Sheets at 125 mm


  • Compatibility
    Most Angle Grinders