Bison Universal Contact Adhesive (140 g)

Bison Universal Contact Adhesive (140 g)
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Product Overview

  • Bison Contact Adhesive Kit is a universal, liquid contact adhesive made with neoprene rubber
  • Designed to bond various types of plastics like panel boards, hardboard, plastic edges, and more
  • Useful for fixing rubber, leather, linoleum and cork
  • Adhesive is ideal for sticking together materials like wood, chipboard, concrete and metal and creates an excellent bond for multiple things around your house ranging from stair edgings, stair carpets, floor covering, furniture, and more
  • Repairing shoes, bags, toys and carpets is an easy task with the Contact Adhesive kit
  • Just ensure that the surface is clean, dry and is free of dust and grease before application of the glue

What's in the box?

  • Bison Universal Contact Adhesive at 140 g