Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer

Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer
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Product Overview

  • Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer is a highly effective way of clearing dead beetles, rotting leaves and other outdoor debris from an above ground swimming pool
  • Simply hooks over the inside wall of an above ground pool, right near its suction inlet
  • Puts the little hose, which comes with and attaches to the water skimmer, conveniently close to the inlet, where water is pumped out and cleaned through the external filter pump system
  • As water gets pumped out it draws debris with it and larger debris are trapped in the skimmer’s straining basket, which can be removed and emptied whenever it gets too full
  • Made from corrosion-proof plastic materials making it easy to maintain and clean
  • Even pool chemicals won’t cause it to whittle away
  • Has an adjustable mounting bracket, allowing it to be moved up or down so it’s in line with the water’s surface
  • It’s a great tool for clearing debris because, unlike pool vacuums and manual skimmers, it can be left to automatically clear your pool whilst you cook barbecued burgers, catch some rays or enjoy your latest summer read

What's in the box?

  • 1 Pool Surface Skimmer