Bestway Ground Cloth (4 × 4 m, Blue)

Bestway Ground Cloth (4 × 4 m, Blue)
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Product Overview

  • Ground Cloth goes underneath a Bestway swimming pool to protect its base from pebbles, stones, twigs, invasive critters and damaging debris
  • It’s an incredibly easy and effective way to prolong the life of a pool
  • The ground cloth forms a barrier between the ground and the base of a pool, effectively shielding it from damage
  • Should the floor protector become tainted by mildew you simply clean it with soapy water
  • The ground cloth is also simple to fold up and pack away when a big chill draws in, ready to pull out for a new season of swimming, splashing and sunshine weather
  • The ground cloth also protects grass from overflowing water, preventing your lawn from becoming damp and sodden
  • It is most suitable for pools up to 3.65 m in diameter
  • Protects pool from pebbles, stones, twigs, crawling insects and debris

What's in the box?

  • 1 Ground Cloth at 4 × 4 m