Bartoline Clean Spirit Paint Wipes (Pack of 80)
Bartoline Clean Spirit Paint Wipes (Pack of 80)
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Product Overview

  • Bartoline Clean Spirit Paint Wipes are perfect for the fast and easy clean-up of wet oil and water based paint, varnish and other spills from hands, tools, windows, floors, glass and most other hard surfaces
  • Prevents sore hands and chapping associated with traditional paint solvents. Non-toxic and non-flammable with virtually no odour
  • Each foil-sealed tub contains 80 extra-large, heavy duty wipes
  • It can be used to clean both oil and water based paints from brushes, rollers and paint pads
  • Containing a specialised conditioning agent, paint implements are left feeling soft and supple
  • It may also be used to remove paint spills from hard surfaces such as worktops, laminate flooring, glass, etc, as well as from textiles such as clothing and carpets
  • It also makes an excellent degreasing fluid for removing oil and grease from tools
  • Classified as Low in Volatile Organic Compounds, with a solvent content of below 8%, Clean Spirit is safer for the environment, especially when compared with traditional solvents that are regarded as Very High VOC’s with 100% solvent content
  • It is virtually odourless. Normal paint solvents usually have a very strong hydrocarbon smell that most users dislike, especially when using in confined areas
  • It is classified as non-toxic, non-flammable and non-corrosive, resulting in a product that is much safer to use
  • This also means that it carries none of the label warnings of other paint solvents

What's in the box?

  • 80 Clean Spirit Paint Wipes


  • VOC Level
    Very High