Armor All New Car Air Freshener
Armor All New Car Air Freshener
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Product Overview

  • Keep your car smelling fresh all the time using New Car Air Freshener
  • It is a great vent clip freshener that helps in spreading long lasting smell inside the car and features a secure scented clip which laches on to your car’s vent
  • Once it is in position, the air from the vent carries its scent and circulates it around the car interior with a unique oil fragrance that is developed specifically to kill odor and spread fresh fragrance at the same time
  • Adjust the amount of scent you want to circulate using its adjustable scent control
  • You can check its scent by simply using the scratch test patch on the package
  • Its New Car scent provides a rejuvenating smell with freshness of a new car interior
  • New Car Air Freshener can be used in any car and clipped onto the vent
  • The vent clip design is easy to use and helps in preventing leakage
  • It’s crafted using strong, long-lasting scented oils that deliver fresh fragrance inside your vehicle and kills the most difficult of odors
  • It even replaces musty smell that starts to grow due to damp interiors, Its unique design and sleek shape blends into any dashboard
  • Once you clip New Car Air Freshener on an air vent blade, it starts to immediately circulate its fragrance all around the car
  • A great advantage of using this freshener is that you can control the amount of scent using its adjustable scent control, The air freshener lasts for a long time providing a cost-effective solution

What's in the box?

  • 1 New Car Air Freshener


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