Arix Flokker Cobweb Remover (18 × 24 cm)

Arix Flokker Cobweb Remover (18 × 24 cm)
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Product Overview

  • Arix Flokker Cobweb Remover is designed to get rid of dust and cobwebs in areas of the home that aren’t easy to access with a cloth or brush
  • The gently rounded shape makes it particularly suitable for cleaning in corners, while the soft brush bristles is gentle even on painted surfaces
  • The cobweb remover features a 150 cm handle to help you reach the top corners of your walls
  • It is easy to clean with warm water and quickly dries in open air

What's in the box?

  • 1 Flokker Cobweb Remover at 18 × 24cm