Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive & Sealant (Clear)
Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive & Sealant (Clear)
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Product Overview

  • Amazing Goop Marine Adhesive & Sealant is the strongest, most versatile adhesive you'll ever need
  • It easily adheres to all surfaces and is waterproof; with the bond remaining secure even when exposed to water after it is set
  • The adhesive is abrasion resistant enabling you to use it on parts that are subject to heavy vibrations as well
  • UV resistance will make sure that your glue doesn't crack and stays clear for years to come
  • You can even paint over it either to cover up the damage you just repaired or to give it the appearance you think suits your product

What's in the box?

  • 1 Goop Marine Adhesive & Sealant of 100 g